World Cup Finals and French Bastille Day at Vino Levantino

WC4AWC4AWorld Cup Finals and French Bastille Day at Vino Levantino

Come watch the World Cup Finals on July 12—13 at Vino Levantino!  The last month has been filled with highs, and maybe a few lows if your favorite team happened to get disqualified.  The main constant, though, has been the game projected on a giant, humongous, colossal screen (did I mention it’s really, really big?)  So whether you’re rooting for the underdog, can’t wait to see the big guys clobber the little guys, or just like to watch twenty guys in top physical form sprint back and forth for 90 minutes, come to Vino Levantino and join in the final fun.

If that doesn’t convince you, maybe this will:  Vino Levantino will also have specials for French Bastille Day.  On July 14, Vino Levantinto will feature specially priced cheese and French wine (bien sûr).  Enjoy them in Vino Levantino’s cozy red-bricked atmosphere and reminisce about le bon tempsA santé!